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Wedding Magician

Why have a Magician at your wedding?

Your wedding will probably be the biggest and most important day of your life so far. Its a day you will remember for the rest of your life. Im sure you will want your quests to remember it too. Having a Wedding Magician at your wedding has become the new fashionable way to create lasting memories. My unique style of close up magic will guarantee your guests have a lasting memory or your special day.

When do you perform? And for how long?

Easy thats up to you. However with my many years of experience would recommend one of the following 3 options.

1, After the ceremony as photos are being taken.

Think back to weddings you have been to as a guest after the ceremony the bride and groom are often whisked off for photos and you have been left to wait around and make polite conversation with often people you have never met before. Having a magician at the time is the perfect way to keep all of your guests entertained and preventing a lull on your big day. The magic I perform at this time is the perfect icebreaker for people that have never met and will keep the momentum of your big day on track.

2, The Wedding breakfast.

This will probably be the most memorable meal of your life. Make it just as memorable for all your quests. having the nightmare that is the seating, planning people who have never met having to share a table for the next few hours. My magic brings people together and creates some common ground to break the ice.

3, Evening Reception.

Some of your guest would have been part of your big day for several hours now and after all they are only human may be starting to flag a little. Other guests will just be arriving some of which may work colleagues old friends or even neighbours. Magic is great way to start your evening celebrations. My magic will bring a energy to your wedding like you would never believe, bring people together making them laugh and of course totally amazing them.

I would recommend 1.5 to2 hours max This gives me ample time to get around your guests without over doing it. I will leave all your guests fully entertained. And of course if you have guests that would like to see just a little bit I'm more than happy to do that little bit extra.

Wedding Entertainment 

wedding magician
close up magic
table magician
What will it cost?

Im sure like most, your first question is "how much do you charge" Well that all depends on when where and what you require. I keep my prices very competitive. There are lots of people claiming to be magicians because there grandad taught them how to produce a coin from someones ear when they were a small child. I have spent 100s of hours studying the art of magic. Be very careful when booking any entertainment for your Wedding whether it be a Magician, Singer or Disco. Remember you wouldn't want your disco to be a man with a home stereo system and 1 cd. I pride myself on my professionalism yes my magic is fun and engaging and suitable for the very young to the older people attending your big day. But its not just the magic, Im there to help create a lasting memory of your day for you and all your guests. Every event i quote for is done with the customer in mind. I try to offer the best value for your money. I keep my prices competitive with fellow professional magicians.

This is your big day make it truly magical.....


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